Thank you for requesting a reseller white label WholesaleBackup software client. The following information is required to create a custom client for you. When your build is complete the contact person you list below will receive an email with download instructions.

Please provide your contact information so we can contact you when your white label backup client is available for download:

Phone number:

Please provide the following technical contact support information for emails to your users:

Support telephone number:
Email alerts and welcome message have this number in the signature

Support email address:
Email alerts and welcome message are sent with this as a reply-to address to your customers. In addition, your daily backup status summary report will be sent to this email address.

Support URL:

Support hours:
e.g. Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm PST. This is put at bottom of emails sent to your customers

Please provide the following branding information for software, web-portal, and emails:

Company name:
e.g. Divinsa LLC; this is used in branding the installer.

Application name:
e.g. DivinsaBackup; this will be the application name and default folder name in Program Files. It is also your login name to the administrative web portal mentioned above. Please do not use any spaces in this field nor append a .EXE to it.

Application title bar:
e.g. DivinsaBackup - Fully Managed Backup; this will be the text in the window title bar for your application.

Logo file (size 622x40 JPEG): Default (you'll need to come back and build a new client later).
NOTE: If you specify a file then it's name must end in .JPG and be a JPEG of size 622x40 pixels.

Web portal FQDN: Default (i.e. we'll create one for you; this is what we recommend).
NOTE: if you specify a custom FQDN (fully qualified domain name) then it must already be registered and have an A record which resolves to The FQDN you specify must contain at least two dots (e.g. If the FQDN does not DNS resolve on the Internet to then your customer's won't be able to create a new account during software installation, backup or restore, access your web portal, etc! So, why not let us create one for you by default?

To view the status of all your backup accounts and change their settings, you may log into your custom web portal at the FQDN you specified above on port 9595, or, with the password you specify here and using, for your username, the 'Application name' you specified above. Please contact our technical support group if you require additional web portal administrative accounts.

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