Thank you for requesting a custom white label WholesaleBackup software client to connect to a Linux WholesaleBackup Server. The following information is required to create a custom client for you. We'll review the information you provide and respond back to the contact person you list below (typically within a few minutes) with how to download your custom branded installer.

This form is for building a client to connect to your own Linux server. To build a client for a different destination please click here.

Please provide your contact information so we can contact you when your white label backup client is available for download:

Phone number:

Important note (about FQDNs):

Your clients will connect to your WholesaleBackup Server over the Internet. For this to occur, they need to know how to find your server on the Internet using one of the following:
    1. A Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) that DNS resolves to your server’s external IP address. An example is An FQDN must have a valid DNS record which resolves to a public IP address for your backup server.
2. A Dynamic DNS address that DNS resolves to your server’s external IP address. An example is
You can learn more about FQDNs in our FAQ found here:

For the remainder of this form we will refer to your choice above as an FQDN.

Please provide the following branding information:

WholesaleBackup Server:
FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of a registered WholesaleBackup server, e.g. [], which must already be registered and have a valid DNS A record which resolves to an IP address for the backup server. The FQDN you specify must contain at least two dots (e.g.

Company name:
e.g. Divinsa LLC; this is used in branding the installer.

Application name:
e.g. DivinsaBackup; this will be the application name and default folder name in Program Files. Please do not use any spaces in this field nor append .EXE.

Application title bar:
e.g. DivinsaBackup - Fully Managed Backup; this will be the text in the window title bar for your application.

Logo file (size 622x40 JPEG): Default (you'll need to come back and build a new client later).

Selections (text file): Default (recommended).
File (please see manual):

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